Thursday, March 02, 2006

Integrity deficit part 2

Any idea that this Zogby "poll" purporting to show most of our troops against the war in Iraq has any shred of credibility goes right up in smoke under the most cursory examination. Not, as we discussed yesterday, that that makes a bit of difference to a mainstream mediocracy endlessly banging the drum against the Bush White House. One can only hope that David Gregory decides the booze is better in India and he stays there.

So, what kind of cursory examination? Just go to the Web site of the poll's sponsor, LeMoyne College, and scroll down through the list of causes and events and speakers that this esteemed institution of higher learning shills for. The only people missing are Cindy Sheehan, Hugo Chavez and Harry Belafonte. Day-o.

Take, for example, Chris Hedges. Please. In case you haven't heard of Mr. Hedge's, he's a pacifist war correspondent for--you guessed it--The New York Times. Check out this Hedges interview with that other objective paragon of American journalism, PBS. Sometimes you just have to wonder why people who hate America and Americans--the "Christian fascists" line is particuarly cute--this much can bear to live here with the rest of us trailer trash.

Other than, of course, the opportunity for them to work in the mainstream mediocracy and treat us Christian fascists to their pearls of wisdom. Day-o.


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