Thursday, September 07, 2006

We stand on guard for thee?

There’s nothing like a bad war to find out who your friends are. In case you were counting, you can cross Canada off the list.

Seems our friends up north kinda think those nearly 3,000 people who died screaming on 9/11 may have had it coming. Yes, that right, America’s foreign policy was to blame for their deaths. Witness this story, “New Poll says most Canadians blame U.S. for 9/11 attacks.” That sentiment rises to a high water mark of 77 percent in Quebec. (Anybody recall what language is spoken there?)

We’ll let you draw your own conclusions as to what this might say about the character of our friends to the north. Most of what we might add would probably violate the language standards of the Daley Report. But we think this speaks for itself.

Without getting personal about it, let’s just say these people are full of horsepuckey. And lest anyone think this be a hasty or unscientific judgment, we wouldst refer thee to, oh, a story like this LA Times report, “Germany Startled to Find It's Terror Target.” Subtitled: “Many thought the nation's opposition to the Iraq war protected it from militant attacks. But a failed plot to bomb two trains altered that.”

Who would have thought that German trains would be attacked by radical Presbyterians from Michigan? No, wait. Uh, make that “angry Muslim men” from Lebanon. Easy mistake. But what the heck were they mad about? It couldn’t have been Germany’s foreign policy. Germany, like France, et al., has been a very good butt-boy for radical Islam.

Let’s be clear: All such rationalizations are unadulterated horsepuckey. If you want to know the reason for radical Islam’s murderous anger, look no farther than radical Islam. And then reload. End of story.


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