Sunday, December 03, 2006

ROSCOE’S Weak-End Review


Hillary reportedly is interviewing candidates for potential campaign staff for a run for the White House . . . Hugo “What’s That Smell?” Chavez is claiming victory in the Venezuelan elections . . . Drunk on the blood already in the water, The New York Times is at it again, trying to make it look like Donald Rumsfeld was purged because he actually wanted to change course in Iraq (when more reasonable minds might conclude that the SecDef was more likely trying to avoid going down with the ship). . . Worst of all, Blogger seems to have lost all of its formatting options, such as bold face for heads. (That's why we're RESORTING TO THE DREADED UPPPER CASE, WHICH MAKES IT LOOK LIKE THE AUTHOR IS SCREAMING AT YOU--AND LIKE WE DON'T KNOW THINGS LIKE BOOK TITLES ARE ITALIICIZED AND HYPERLINKS SHOULD BE EMBEDDED. Sorry.)


That’s not necessarily all bad. Take Hillary, for instance. We’re hoping ALL these Dhimmicrat hacks with the high unfavorables get into the pool—Clinton, Kerry, Gore, Biden, Edwards, Ward Churchill. Talk about stinking the place up. For that very reason we’ve been advising for some time not to discount Barack Obama, who has no such baggage. But he is a lightweight. Remember when the mainstream mediocrats were all in a kerfluffle about gravitas?

But, oh yeah, that was a Republican. That’s different, y’know.


We’ve stayed in touch with Robert Ferrigno, hard at work on the sequel to his Islamic dystopian novel, "Prayers for the Assassin," reviewed here some weeks ago. He has an April 1 deadline for the sequel, "Hymn for the Assassin," so we assume a release date some time this summer. For those who can’t wait (like the Roscoe), there are a couple of options. The paperback edition of the first book was just released, and it has the first two “teaser” chapters for the new one in the back.

The other thing you can do is visit Robert’s blog, which we were sorry to see him let got to seed. But he did post an update a few weeks ago that goes into some detail about the next story. Interestingly, his publisher, Scribner, has used an edgy marketing strategy that relies heavily on the blogosphere for promoting these books. Ferrigno also has been attracting quite an international audience, including some Muslim nations. But sadly, some countries that have previously published Ferrigno’s earlier works are now shunning him. We’re sure you’ll be shocked to hear who those countries are--France, Italy and Germany.

They apparently can’t afford to offend their future masters as they’re increasingly engulfed by Eurabia. A pox on them all, we say.


We’re not quite done with Islamofascism apologist John Esposito yet. We’re delving into some of his writings as time permits. We’ll let you know what we find.


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