Sunday, March 18, 2007

ROSCOE’S Weak-End Review

After considerable reading, research and thought, we have tentatively arrived at a recommended response to the challenge of radical Islam. It consists of three simple parts:

1. Defense: We must do everything possible to win the War on Terror. This is not political. History absolutely verifies that only overwhelming force works. Anything else is perceived as weakness and moral inferiority.

2. The love of Christ: Scripture indicates that the major Arab tribes (Isaiah: The “flocks of Kedar,” etc.) are all in the Millennial Kingdom. Something happens in the last days to bring many Muslims into the fold of Jesus. Even now 80 percent of Muslims who come to Christ in lands “closed” to the gospel do so following a dream or vision of Jesus. A witness of true Christianity in acts of love and charity may accomplish more than we can imagine.

3. Stand by Israel: There is a saying in the Middle East that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Radical Islam hates Israel and America. Israel is our friend. The Jews are the chosen people, and we need to recognize that. When the end comes, God Himself will destroy Gog and Magog (Ezek. 38 and 29), and that will be the end of radical Islam. And when He does so, it will be through little Israel. We need to be Israel-obsessives.


Joel Rosenberg is my inspiration for No. 2. He organized the Joshua Fund, which has begun shipping containers of clothing and other assistance into Israel for both Arab Palestinians and Jews. (We may be traveling to Israel with him later this year.)

Joel also had a recent blog post that gives some interesting insight into the current Middle East situation—NETANYAHU TO MEET WITH V.P. CHENEY ON IRAN NUCLEAR THREAT (March 9). It includes the interesting disclosure that Syria’s military budget has been increased ten-fold, in obvious anticipation of war. Already the forces of Gog and Magog are preparing for battle.

God will defeat them through Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Stand with Israel.


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