Friday, March 03, 2006

The intellectual dishonesty of John Zogby

No doubt following the lead of The Roscoe Daley Report, Hugh Hewitt has taken John Zogby dservedly to task over his polling of U.S. troops in Iraq. Hugh got Zogby so mad on the air, that he hung up. Now, that's showing your butt. Hugh just wanted to know the same thing we do--why all the secrecy over the demographics and the sampling method? (But, of course, we think we know why.)

On his blog, Hugh called it "propaganda dressed up as polling" and "quite obviously crap." The RDR couldn't agree more. Howevever, we still maintain that the biggest unindicted co-conspirator in this scam--the mainstream mediocracy--is equally to blame, if not more so. The news rogues have suspended their (supposedly) normal news standards to take another cheap shot at the Bush White House, regardless of the validity of the survey.

Can you imagine if Donald Rumsfeld's folks had done a poll of the troops to show support for the war? Why, there'd be shrieks and wails of bias from every corner. What was your sampling method? Show us your data. We don't believe you. Prove it. Etc.

Can't you just hear it? But, of course, nary a peep on this one.

BTW, in yesterday's post on this, RDR omitted the crucial links to the LeMoyne College and Chris Hedges sites referenced in the piece. They are now restored. Please go back to yesterday's post and see for yourself what kind of folks we're dealing with--and that the mainstream media are taking at face value. Day-o.


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