Tuesday, September 12, 2006

American hero, European treachery

Not that we needed any further evidence that Western Europe has totally lost both its mind and its morals. But hard as we try to ignore them—especially when they get all sanctimonious about America and our president—they go and do something else that sets new lows in treachery and cowardice.

Like releasing Mohammed Ali Hamadi from prison. Yep. Maybe you’ve heard that this murderer has already gone to Lebanon lickety-split and rejoined Hezbollah faster
than you can say "Neville Chamberlain." Hamadi is the Islamo-scumbag who beat and tortured Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem to death during the hijacking of TWA flight 847 20 years ago.

Stethem, 23, could have saved his skin by caving to Hamadi’s demands. He chose an honorable death instead. He is a true American hero. In fact, there’s an Aegis destroyer named in his honor—the USS Stethem. There, unfortunately, the good sense comes to an end.

When Hamadi turned up in German custody some years ago, our government petitioned to get him here for the Stethem murder. But because Germany doesn’t approve of our death penalty (!), they refused. Instead, they sentenced him to life in prison, with the understanding that if he ever were to be released, we get first crack at him.

But that’s not what happened. Inexplicably, Hamadi is suddenly released and allowed to return to Lebanon. Why? Apparently, an under-the-table deal for the release of someone in Germany’s interest. Outrageous would be an understatement.

Are we going to let this stand? Apparently. The Bush administration doesn’t seem motivated to challenge it. For more information, we’d like to refer you to the open letters to President Bush from Stethem’s brother on Michael Yon’s Web site. Unfortunately, Yon’s copyrighted Web site is so consumed with warnings about misappropriation of its content that we’re afraid to even give the Web address for fear of legal action. (Get a life, Michael.)

Instead, we’ll refer you to the more user-friendly site of Debbi Schlussel, who’s got some excellent content, too.

Are we grouchy these days? You betcha. Is the Ayatollah Muslim?


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