Friday, January 19, 2007


Dear Roscoe:

Well, what do you say now, smart guy? The first 100 hours of the new Democratic leadership have been completed with lots of accomplishments, and the sky hasn’t fallen in. In fact, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are getting high marks for their accomplishments. Now, aren’t you ashamed of yourself?

--R. Emanuel

Dear R.:

You mean Nancy & Sluggo? (Dingy Harry’s a former boxer, you know.) You apparently missed the slow one these Dhimmicrats have been trying to pull on the public with restrictions on grassroots lobbying in the Senate and an attempt in the House to resurrect the old Fairness Doctrine in broadcasting.

Make no mistake, the so-called first 100 hours represent no less than an attempt to show who’s boss and intimidate and silence the rest of us. Check this out:

Senate Heeds Grassroots Pressure

Now the battle over congressional accountability moves to Nancy Pelosi’s chamber.
Republican senators and a few Democrats voted Thursday night to reject an attempt to silence grassroots groups.

The Senate adopted an amendment offered by Sen. Robert Bennett, R-Utah, to strip Section 220 -- the so-called "grassroots-lobbying provision" -- from S.1, an ethics-reform bill.

"This is a clear victory for the Constitution, the First Amendment and grassroots organizations who want their voices to be heard by Congress," Bennett said.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said he was pleased with the vote outcome.

"I am an advocate for reforming the way business is done in Washington, but I believe that we should do so without silencing the voices of ordinary citizens," he said.

Read the rest here.
Next stop: The same ploy in the House, plus the Fairness Doctrine—otherwise known as the “Hush Rush” bill for the way it would shut down political talk radio.

Better get used to the new massas...


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