Monday, January 15, 2007


Dear Roscoe:

How’s Al Mohler doing? Your last post had him at death’s door, and he’s one of my favorite Protestants. We’ve been saying some special prayers for the boy.

--J. Ratzinger

Dear J.:

Glad you asked. He’s much improved. In fact, he’s been released from the hospital, which is a really good thing. (Those places are full of sick people.) But then, we know (from personal experience) that he’s going to have to be doctoring for quite a while to stay out of trouble with those pulmonary clots.

Sure glad we didn’t lose him. He’s a rock star in the culture war. More details at CitizenLink.


Dear Roscoe:

We know you’re an extremely modest chap, and Daley is an Irish name. But we keep hearing rumors about royal blood in your lineage. Any truth to that?

--C. Windsor

Dear C.:

Well, we’ve been found out. (Probably should never have posted that little clue about being a Royal Pain in the TTBS Ecosystem.)

Truth be told, we are: Earl Roscoe the Unlikely of Kesslington under Ox. And we really are about as unlikely as they come.

If you’re curious about your possible royal roots, you can check out this Web site.

Hat Tip to the Grouchie Old Yorkie Lady.



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