Wednesday, December 27, 2006

ROSCOE'S Mid-Weak Review

Iran update

They're only reliable rumors at this point, but we hear that there's some serious Pentagon planning going on for a major strike on Iran. The question is whether this is just war-gaming contingency-type plans, or the real thing. . .

Meanwhile, here's something you and I can actually do: Disinvest Iran.

People like Frank Gaffney and Dick Morris have been promoting a strategy to Hit Iran Where It Hurts--i.e., in the pocketbook.

Morris sayeth:

Investment funds - including pension funds - all over America are helping Iran develop the nuclear weapons that will eventually threaten us by investing in companies that directly subsidize Iran. We must all band together to stop these self-defeating investments.

Roscoe sayeth: Check it out.

Iraq update: By the neck till dead

From our young friend William Warren. All we can say is good thing it's sooner than later--like after we leave and the government falls. Could you imagine the scenario allowing the possibility of Saddam returning to power? Yikes.


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