Tuesday, December 19, 2006

ROSCOE’S Mid-Weak Review

Decrapitation Part 2

Is the Pentagon reading The Roscoe Daley Report? (See “Decrapitate this,” Tues. 12/12.) Makes you wonder, considering today’s quiet but startling reports that they’re “considering” a major Naval buildup in the Persian Gulf with a second carrier group to go there, probably after the first of the year. It’s described as a “warning” to Iran about its “increasingly provocative acts.”

We applaud the move. It’s time for put-up-or-shut-up for Mahmoud “Mojo” Ahmadinejad. Either way, he loses. By the way, do you have any idea what kind of firepower there is with just one carrier group? Shock and awe. I can’t even imagine two. We may trot out some facts and figures, if that’s really what’s going down.

What this tells us is that President Bush and new SecDef Robert Gates have crossed the Rubicon and decided to lay down the gauntlet, accepting a degree of likelihood of armed conflict with Iran. This just has to be. No nation that threatens to wipe others off the map should be allowed to go nuclear without a fight, especially one with a delusional nut at the helm like Mojo.

Brave new stem-cell world

Speaking of delusional, what Michael J. Fox, et al., won’t tell you—because they probably don’t believe it—is that when embryonic human life becomes a commodity, our humanity is also aborted:

Investigators in the Ukraine are probing whether missing infants and preborns taken from mothers by maternity staff at a Kharkov hospital were killed so their organs could be extracted for stem-cell experimentation.

A few months ago, Family News in Focus reported that women in the Ukraine were being paid about $200 at a time to have abortions in order to provide stem cells for beauty treatments. Now more grisly findings are being reported. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said it has video of 30 infants and fetuses being exhumed from a cemetery used by a maternity hospital in the Ukraine. Some of the bodies are missing organs.

Continue reading article.

A first-degree Murtha?

There aren’t any really good, reliable links to offer on this, and it probably isn’t even true, but . . .

Conspiracy theorists on the net are buzzing about the disappearance of Ray Gricar, a Pennsylvania DA and political rival of Rep. John “Walking Culture of Corruption” Murtha. Gricar, a prosecutor in Murtha’s district, had been rumored as a potential candidate against Murtha before his mysterious disappearance.

Put this one down under Unsolved Mysteries—and then surf the Web and see what you can find. You’re not going to read about this in the mainstream mediocracy.


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