Monday, December 18, 2006

Political fish fry

Barack v. Hillary

Man, talk about feast or famine. Last couple of weeks we’d been experiencing our first true dry spell in terms of daily posting—like ol’ Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. Now, it’s more like shooting fish in a barrel.

I mean, we’ve got the Barack Hussein Obama political phenomenon-cum-train-wreck. Oh, you didn’t hear? Heh. Well, remember all of Mr. Hope’s Wal-Mart-bashing? Turns out his wife, Michelle, is on the board of directors—pulling down a tidy sum in addition to her regular gig—of a food company whose biggest customer is—of course—Wal-Mart.

And that’s not all. Seems he’s also got a really shady land deal going with a really dodgy character. All of which has got some folks thinking they’re picking up the scent of a Hillary-inspired takedown of her opposition. “If you had a sophisticated enough microscope, you probably could see the fingerprints of Hillary Clinton operatives on the anti-Obama story today in the Washington Post,” wrote Dan Curry in Reverse Spin.

French connection

Then we have a really tasty item about the French presidential race, which also features a strong candidate to be first woman president of her country, Segolene Royal. Mme. Royal, it turns out, really wants face time with Hillary, figuring it would really give her a bump back in France, where they idolize the Clintons. But of course.

But, oh, dear—just one little problem: Mme. Royal is an out-and-out Socialist, not a disingenuous progressive weeny like we have over here. And not just a pinko, but a pinko with serious baggage—like being way too cozy with a bunch of guys called Hezbollah and making rude comments about President Bush and U.S. foreign policy.

So, Hillary apparently is not too keen about such a tete a tete. It just wouldn’t do to have that kind of French Connection. The phone just keeps ringing, and no one answers. . .

So, shoot, with all this happening, we’ll have to finish up with Mr. Franken a bit later on. Just too doggone many fish too fry.


Blogger Robin said...

Hey Roscoe - Just don't say anything about Osama Obama's ears. I heard he's real touchy about that.

5:49 PM  
Blogger Roscoe Daley said...

Ooh. Maybe can have some good dirty fun...

8:09 PM  

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