Thursday, December 21, 2006

Handwriting on the wall

Iran’s nut job, President Mahmoud “Mojo” Ahmadinejad, has now taken to taunting our lame duck president.

"Mr. Bush can travel to one of the American states, inviting the people to a stadium to see how the people would treat him," the ISNA students news agency quoted him as saying.

"I am sure that the American people would treat Mr. Bush as the Indonesian people treated him," he said referring to protests that greeted Bush on a visit to Indonesia last month.

See rest of story at Al Reuters.

With all due respect (not much), Mojo, you don’t know what the h*** you’re talking about. But that’s no news flash. Apart from Cindy Sheehan and a few other head cases, our president still commands considerable respect here. Unlike yourself, who actually did get the kind of treatment you’re describing—from your own people, who shouted you down last week when you tried to speak. Is that what’s on your alleged mind? Is that why you’re trying to deflect and dodge and weave?

You should talk. I have it on good authority from some credible sources that you’ve fallen into considerable disfavor within your own country—and outside, too, though most of that’s not shared for public consumption. Like one of your predecessors who witnessed the hand of God writing his epitaph on the wall, your days, too, are numbered. Repent, Mojo, while you still have the chance—or face the woes that are in store for you.

Why isn’t this a much bigger deal?

The Sandy Burglar stolen documents case is one of the very best examples I know of mainstream mediocracy bias. While all the drive-by dinosaur media journalistas were hellbent on the non-story of Karl Rove and Valerie Plame, they virtually ignored the real story of Berger’s prosecution for stealing—and possibly doctoring—classified documents that might have revealed too much to the 9/11 commission about the Clintonistas’ misefeasance in the war on terror.

NewsBusters does its usually great job of putting this one together. All to the further shame and disgrace of the mainstream mediocracy. Could you imagine the media feeding frenzy if this sort of thing had been committed by a Republican? Actually, we probably can't...


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