Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Dirty chauvinist pigs

We’ve got some bad news for those of you of the female persuasion:

You are “like domestic animals,” you’re the property of your husbands, and occasional beatings are good for you. Because of Eve, all of you women “menstruate and are stupid.”

Not only that, but your testimony in court is only worth half as much as a man’s, and you need to have four witnesses to substantiate a charge of rape against a man.

C’mon, feministas. You gonna stand for this? Read the whole article about the men who promulgate this belief system—and then go get ’em. (Although we do have to warn you: They’re not Republicans.)


Our guy behind the former Iron Curtain, Doug Landro, is posting some interesting items this week about the fallout from the poisoning death of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko. Go visit our sister Web site over at
The Big Orange and see what we’re talking about.


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