Thursday, December 28, 2006

A tale of two culture wars

Bad news for those of the pink persuasion:

Turkey: Editor of gay magazine to stand trial

But instead of recognizing the jihad threat, homosexual activists in the West are concentrating on a threat they think is much more serious: that of the "Christian Right," despite the fact that none of their favorite bogeymen -- Falwell, Robertson, Dobson -- have ever called for their imprisonment. And of course, this is Turkey: Sharia supremacists elsewhere have done much worse.

Read the rest at Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch.

And meanwhile

Our friend Joel Rosenberg reports:

More Muslims converted to faith in Jesus Christ over the past decade than at any other time in human history. A spiritual revolution is underway throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. As a result, a record number of ex-Muslims are celebrating Christmas this year, despite intense persecution, arrests, assassinations, and widespread church bombings.

Bottom line? Joel says, “It's not being reported by the mainstream media, but the God of the Bible is moving powerfully and dramatically throughout the Muslim world.”

Read the rest here, including a rundown of countries where these miracles are occurring.


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