Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Understanding the times

Yes, sir. The man to watch these days is Joel Rosenberg. His ability to understand—and explain—the times is truly uncanny.

Currently, he’s holding forth on the bizarre kerfluffle between Russia and Iran regarding the former’s assistance on all things nuclear and the latter’s alleged failure to pay its bills. Some accounts are interpreting this as Russia finally getting religion about the U.N. concerns over a nuclearized Iran. But, as always, there seems to be more here than meets the eye.

Joel isn’t buying that wishful scenario. He believes this is all about Russia showing Iran who’s boss in this relationship—and definitely no rending of the relationship itself. Read all about it on his blog.

Remember, Joel is the one who’s forecasting a coalition of bad actors led by Russia and Iran that will attack Israel and provoke the Big One, along the lines of the Gog-Magog train wreck described in Ezekiel 38 and 39. And, oh, did we mention that so far Joel has the best track of anyone with his analyses and forecasts?

Nestled in this current analysis are several scare closets, not the least of which is what Joel describes as a region that “seems to be preparing for the next major war”:

* Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah told a Beirut rally last month that Hezbollah is "completing our readiness for what is bigger and more dangerous," and that arms are being moved "to the front."

* Syria has deployed more than 1,000 missiles near Israeli border, according to IDF intelligence. "We are seeing serious preparations for a war by Syria and Hizbullah, with massive help from Iran," an Israeli military source told the World Tribune.

* What's more, Israel held a nationwide missile attack drill yesterday, and thousands of Israeli, U.S. military forces are currently testing joint defenses against missiles armed with nuclear, chemical and biological warheads in an exercise called "Juniper Cobra."

Methinks we need to delve into some of Joel’s other predictions. Based on his reading of Scripture, he’s going out on some limbs:

Israel will become a major oil power. Iraq—far from the basket case that our mainstream mediocracy is painting it—is destined to become a major prosperous democracy. A Russian leader becomes a major villain on the world stage. Muslims convert to Christianity in record numbers. Radical Islam is so decisively defeated in a coming conflict that the ears of all who hear it will tingle.

Stay tuned. Much more to come…


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