Monday, March 06, 2006

Wild man Joe

Joe Carter, the normally serious and staid Christian blogger at Evangelical Outpost, has a hilarious post about "How To Get Rid of a Stoner Son" in response to a reader's question. Actually, he has about a dozen suggestions. Here's just the first:

Day #1 – The first step is to get him out of the house for a few hours. Tell him you found $20 in the washer and were wondering if it was his. While he is out giving his "tithes to the Rastafarian church," call a carpenter, preferably one that is handy with sheetrock. A good drywall specialist can have the door to your son's room sealed off in less than an hour. Be sure to have it painted so that it blends in with the surrounding wall.

When your son returns and wonders why he can't find the door to his room pretend you don't know what he is talking about and "remind" him that he moved out six years ago. Convince him that he is having a "flashback" from the time he ate those weird mushrooms.

Read the rest here.

I wonder if he's got any ideas about offloading surplus cats, as well. Methinks inside regular Joe lives a true wild man.


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