Sunday, April 23, 2006

MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD: Will he heed world opinion?

Regime Change in Iran is reporting that the quirky leader of Iran, Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinehad, is expected to hold a press conference today (Monday) to discuss Iran's response to the United Nations Security Council call for an end to that nation's uranium enrichment. Read all about it here.

You might want to make Regime Change in Iran a regular part of your blog reading as conflict looms larger by the day. This is the crisis of our time. RDR provides a link to this site in our blogroll. Regime Change also provides an informative e-newsletter to which you can subscribe.

Meanwhile, The RDR also commends to your attention a mail-order source for potassium iodide, for protection of your thyroid in the event of radiation exposure. Go here. The Roscoe family intends to protect ourselves and loved ones via this service.


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