Tuesday, April 11, 2006

KATIE COURIC: The (gasp!) GOP connection

Yeah, the Roscoe was just funnin' with y'all yesterday. Of course, we don't really expect Katie "Perky" Couric to accord George W. the same kid-gloves treatment she extended to Bill Clinton. That'd be expecting way too much. No, if the past is any indication, the long knives are going to be out for the Commander-in-Chief when Perky takes over Dan Rather's anchor seat at CBS in September.

We've been disenchanted with Perky since way back when she used to diss W's dad, George H.W. Bush, a decade and a half ago. You know the disingenuous spin from the media execs: Liberal mediocracy bias—even if true—is irrelevant because most professional journalistas can work around (read "disguise") their own personal prejudices. Right. Unfortunately, it's been clear for a long time that Perky is not one of those (assuming they even exist). Her biases are in flashing neon.

Memory grows furtive as to specifics in her caustic treatment of Bush-41. This many years later, we were only able to lay our cyber-mitts on one example (again from the Media Research Center). Here was what Perky asked Dad Bush after the 1992 Republican national Convention: "I think some moderate Republicans were put off by the tone at the convention. The Republicans relinquished too much time to what some term the radical religious right. Did you feel comfortable with the convention?"

Emphasis added. Do you begin to get the idea that Perky doesn't care much for what some might term Christians? Or conservatives? Or white males named Bush?

Ah, but wait. There are reasons to believe that Perky's belief system may be getting stretched a bit these days. If you look in Wikipedia under "Katie Couric", you’ll find this interesting item:

Rumors are that she is dating one of the Reyes brothers from Reyes Holdings LLC, a Republican billionaire who owns a large distribution company, the Headquarters are located in Rosemont Illinois, with holdings company Martin Brower LLC. They are a distributor for McDonalds, which is based in Oakbrook, and are listed on Crains as one of Illinois largest private LLC's.

Republican billionaire? As Gomer would say, Gol-ly. Next thing you know, she'll be joining the NRA, buying stock in Halliburton and going to NASCAR races to insult Muslims. In a Perky sort of way, of course.


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