Friday, April 07, 2006

DAVID GREGORY: George Bush, snake jars & the gay gene

Our week-long look at NBC chief White House correspondent David "The Mouth" Gregory would hardly be complete without mention that, in addition to all his other many accomplishments, David is a blogger. [Insert sound file of phaser on overload.] That's right. Well, it's a corporate thing of MSNBC, with various network smarter-than-Bush voices, but it's still a blog, after a certain fashion.

You can find The Mouth's thread here. I don't necessarily recommend it right after a meal, but it's a good reality check, if you will, for those of us who might tend to get a little too comfortable in the conservative-talk-radio subculture. We especially recommend a scroll through the comments. Except for the occasional patriotic voice in the wilderness, it's a pretty revealing biopsy of the Bush-lied-people-died rot.

BTW, did you know that if you place a horse's tail hair in a jar of water overnight, it will turn into a snake? Yeah, I actually fell for that once—I think when I was about 6. I heard it from a kid kind of like David Gregory. When gay-boy Matthew Shepard was found beaten to death in Wyoming several years ago, David Gregory and Katie Couric trotted out their own snake jar, rushing to blame the killing on Christians who claimed in an ad campaign that homosexuality can be cured.

Here are The Mouth's actual words from a column at the time: "The ads were controversial for portraying gays and lesbians as sinners who had made poor choices, despite the growing belief that homosexuality may be genetic. ... Have the ads fostered a climate of anti-gay hate that leads to incidents like the killing of Matthew Shepard? Gay rights activists say the ads convey a message that gay people are defective."

Emphasis added. Whose growing belief? Moonbat inhabitants of the fever swamp? And speaking of anti-Christian, did I mention that next week is dedicated to Katie Couric?


Blogger The Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady said...

You know, that photo is giving me the creeps. I simply cannot imagine snuggling up to Jesse Jackson and enjoying it.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Roscoe Daley said...

Funny, it was creeping me out the other way around--i.e., identifying with Jesse, getting cooties from Mama Moonbat.

2:48 PM  
Blogger The Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady said...

Either way...


7:46 PM  

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