Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DAVID GREGORY: Shooting from the shadows

Before getting to our Enemediacrat of the Week (enemy + mediocracy), just a word or two about our last week's star—Helen Thomas, aka The Helen. Robin over at Chickenhawk Express has the scoop on "Helen Thomas Rewarded for Bad Behavior." It seems that Bush Delusional Disorder has reached such epidemic proportions that a number of sick individuals showered The Helen with more than 100 dozen roses for her rabid skunk attack on the President at his press conference week before last. Wonder what they'd have given her if she'd actually shot him?

Nor can a site like the Roscoe, dedicated to combating Enemediocracy lies, ignore NBC Dateline's latest little scam—a plan to provoke anti-Muslim behavior at a NASCAR event in order to demonstrate American red-state bigotry. Michelle Malkin and Little Green Footballs are all over the heinous story. But the Roscoe has to wonder:

How much more blatant can you get? I think the real story is actually how little anti-Muslim prejudice there is, all things considered. It's interesting that NBC would have to go to such extreme lengths even to find--nay, gin up--this kind of behavior. I bet they could find a heck of a lot more reaction if they'd film a bearded man with a yarmulka trying to mingle with a bunch of Muslims. Or even a flag pin-wearing Republican with a nice haircut and a copy of The Wall Street Journal among a bunch of liberal Dems. Or a NASCAR guy among a bunch of Cynthia McKinney-Al Sharpton African-Americans, or . . . The list could go on and on. Doesn't this particular NBC ploy speak volumes about the mindset?

Speaking of NBC, David "The Mouth" Gregory was a brief topic of discussion last night at "An Evening with Laura Ingraham" down the street here from us. That is to say, we brought it up. "Actually," Laura said with apparent sincerity, "David's a pretty funny guy. He should have his own late-night show." But I'll treasure always those words she next shared with us: "Let's keep the line moving, please."

Laura can afford to be generous: She had him and James "Daddy Warbucks" Carville for lunch on the Today show shortly after the aforementioned press conference. Afterward, The Conservative Voice advised David the Mouth that Laura "hit you with a right cross to the jaw, figuratively speaking, that left you stunned and looking pathetically timid, but reverberated through the news world. . ." Apparently unaware of this plucky breast cancer survivor's recent forays with the troops in Iraq, he tremulously asked if she thought it was "safe" enough to do the kind of reporting she was suggesting.

That's when he got a lesson in manhood from the Laura, who challenged him, essentially, to grow a backbone. Cowardice is never a pretty sight, especially from those who feign courage in safety and security. Another David a couple thousand years ago called this kind of behavior "shooting from the shadows at the upright" (Psalm 11:2). Deliver us, Lord, from such as these.


Blogger Robin said...

Roscoe - NBC must be trying to taint the NASCAR image since the contract expires with NBC soon. At the races you see more true patriotism and love of our country than you do at any other sporting event. Hats removed for the National Anthem, standing ovations for military, etc.

NBC would have better footage if they put a soldier in his dress uniform and walked him down the main streets of San Francisco. Imagine the rioting that would occur!

9:08 PM  
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