Friday, March 17, 2006

Dearest Reader

The Roscoe Daley Report has been experiencing serious technical difficulties. The intention has been to post every day, but some of these posts have been eaten by Blogger. I was originally posting through AOL, but pictures weren't coming through. So, I've switched to Qwest high-speed service, which has solved the problem for pictures, but about every other post is being lost in cyberspace. And finally today, the blog seemed to lose its mind entirely. It wouldn't even allow access, let alone posting.

I think that problem has finally been resolved—but then today's post just got eaten. I used to write first in MS Word (in another blog life) so there'd be a back-up, just in case of such an eventuality. But it turned out to be a needless redundancy, so I discontinued the practice. Looks like I need to resume the practice, as these posts are just lost forever.

Please know that the intention is to have posts here on a daily (week day) basis. The Roscoe Daley Report wants to be part of your daily blog browsing routine. I will do whatever it takes to get there.

Thanks for your patience.


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