Thursday, March 16, 2006

Back-alley morality

Did you hear the one about the woman in South Dakota so upset by the state's new abortion ban that she's written a manual for do-it-yourself abortions?

No joke. It's for real. You can read about it here. Now, that's dedication to a cause.

Seems to me it would be a lot easier just to schlep over to one of the other 49 states where it's still legal. That is, until the other states start to do the same, and then we'll finally see this scourge truly begin to wane. As it stands now, it's just way too convenient. Forget your birth control? No problem. Just dial Baby Busters. You want fries with that?

And, oh, did you hear about the travel boycott on South Dakota because of its new abortion law? Well, some folks are at least trying to dash the annual biker do in Sturgis. Don't know yet if it's going to catch on. As Yogi Berra once said, "What if they gave a boycott and nobody came?"

Okay, so he didn't really say it. But he might have, if he'd thought of it.

Roscoe's recommendation: Vacation & visit in beautiful South Dakota this year. They've got the Black Hills and the Bandlands and Mt. Rushmore and Wind River Canyon and some of the most beautiful places in America in that state. Custer State Park is particuarly awesome. And, you'll be doing your part to offset the culture of death in this country.


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