Thursday, March 23, 2006

Holding their Birkenstocks to the fire

My friend Joel Rosenberg has the story: "AFGHANIS TURNING TO CHRIST IN RECORD NUMBERS: But Convert Faces Death." Read it here. This further confirms what I've been hearing--and reported here earlier--about Afghanis' openness to the Gospel. It's a great untold story.

While visiting Joel's site, consider subscribing to his Flash Traffic report--which alerts you to breaking stuff he posts on his blog. Joel is an amazing guy--a former political operative turned prophetic novelist from a Messianic Jewish-Christian perspective. I've read all of his books and strongly recommend them. Light years better than the Left Behind stuff.

Rocks and Roses

Meanwhile, boos and hisses for Helen Thomas. As a journalist myself, I'm embarrassed that an old moonbat like that is a member of my profession. Not only that, she's a pretty lousy American, too. How about let's start a campaign for her retirement? We can call it, "Isn't it about time, Helen?"

But major kudos to Laura Ingraham, who not only had the stones to go to Iraq, but now she's leading the charge against the other lazy excuses for journalists in the mainstream mediocracy who are covering themselves with shame in their (non)coverage of the war. Talk about holding feet to the fire. Go, baby. I'm going to be seeing her in a few days. Anything you want me to ask her?


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