Monday, April 10, 2006

KATIE COURIC: Pass the gravitas, please

I'm not really sure what all the fuss is about. Making Katie "Perky" Couric the nightly news anchor at CBS won't be that much different from having Dan Rather at the helm—except maybe without the gravitas. But heck, who needs gravitas, really?

OK, so maybe she's been a cheerleader and a fluff-and-features sort of television personality on the Today show for 15 years. She must have had some substance for NBC to offer her $20 million a year just to keep her from going to CBS. Right?

That substance stuff is highly over-rated anyway, don't you think? Why, if Couric's coverage of the Clintons was any indication, we ought to be in for some kinder, gentler journalism. Take, for example, Dec. 9, 1998. The Clinton White House was making its case before the House Judiciary Committee, which was considering impeachment of the President. The Media Research Center preserved this priceless Couric report for posterity:

"Impeachment hangs in the balance. I visited the Clintons at the White House last weekend to check out the holiday decorations. But I did take the opportunity to ask the President if he had any comment on the events of this week."

Couric to Bill Clinton: "Before we go, you don't want an opportunity to talk about anything else, do you Mr. President?"

Bill Clinton: "Nope."

Couric: "Big week coming, big week coming up. I just wanted to give you the opportunity if you so desire."

Bill Clinton: "I'm just gonna try to do my job this week and hope everyone else does theirs."

Couric: "We'll show you more of that conversation as well as the incredible holiday decorations in just a few minutes. Talk about a strange juxtaposition of events."

I sure look forward to that kind of friendly treatment for George W. Bush. Don't you?

You can find all kinds of other priceless gems at the
Media Research Center and at Newsbusters. Also some good stuff at Discover the Network.


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