Monday, May 08, 2006

JAMES RISEN: Pulp fiction for the Bush Delusional Disorder crowd

Before we leave Dana "Judas" Priest, let us not forget to mentally bookmark this subject as "unfinished" for future investigation. Thanks to WizBang, we have this wonderful graphic reminder to help us.

This week is dedicated to James "Royalties, Not Loyalties" Risen, another Pulitzer Prize winner and the New York Times author of stories that tore the lid off the heinous National Security Agency "warrantless" wiretaps by the Bush administration in the GWOT. Those revelations have created no end of legal and political trouble for a nation at war, not to mention the great aid and comfort provided to the aforementioned nation's mortal enemies.

From the heart of the fever swamp, Mr. Risen also alleges the Bush Administration is responsible for transformation of Afghanistan into a "narco-state," from which comes 80 percent of the world's heroin. And, most ignominious and shameless of all, aforementioned revelations were also delayed and timed not so much to embarrass the President as to coincide with a book deal. Oh, the boundless treachery and perfidy of the mainstream mediocracy.

Just let the record show, Jimmy boy, that there are still Americans who believe that wiretapping enemies like al Qaeda is the least that should happen to them. And if they're communicating with American citizens, we actually want to know why.

Just like we want to know how you think you’re going to get away with your treachery. The truth has a way of coming out in the end. And in the end, you will most likely suffer the fate of most cowards and traitors—a name synonymous with shame and disgrace.


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