Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A battle worth fighting

This is our first-ever call for action. There's a reason for that: This is important stuff...

Men across America—including Christians—are becoming enslaved to sexual addictions through hotel porn, especially men who travel. We brought this to your attention last week, and now it’s starting to catch fire.

Please consider this plea from the Family Research Council and join this fight. -- Roscoe

Keep Pornographers away from Major League Baseball!

Major League Baseball (MLB) owners are considering a recommendation that will allow a businessman with longtime porn industry ties to purchase the Atlanta Braves. John Malone is a corporate leader who among his many holdings includes ON COMMAND, a company that sells pay-per-view porn movies to hotels across the United States. As a result, Malone has profited from the corruption of many travelers who visit the estimated 1,000,000 hotel rooms his porn service reaches.

In addition to ON COMMAND, Malone played the leading role in breaking down community barriers to televised porn through his involvement in the franchise cable system known as TCI (Tele-Communications, Inc.).

Over the years, MLB has carefully preserved its character as an industry concerned about character and devoted to family. That image has suffered recently due to the sport's difficulty in facing up to issues of drug abuse among some of the game's best-known players. At the same time, MLB recently joined forces with other leading professional sports leagues and with FRC in the successful fight for the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. MLB and Commissioner Bud Selig deserve praise for their role in passage of this landmark bill to curb online gambling.

Now baseball faces a new dilemma that will affect its character. While the sale of the Braves, one of baseball's flagship franchises, to Malone's Liberty Media has not yet gone through, the sale reportedly enjoys the support of Commissioner Selig. The American families who fill the seats, populate the Little Leagues, buy the hot dogs and wave the pennants should not see their hard-earned money go to line the pockets of a pioneer in the porn trade. MLB can and must set a high standard, for players and owners alike.

You can help by signing a petition to Commissioner Selig before he meets with Major League owners from August 8-10. Let him know that the ideals of sport and the nature of our national pastime are incompatible with the purveying of porn. Fill out the form to sign the petition now.

Thank you and, as always, God bless you.

Tony Perkins

P.S. We have just a short time to let Major League Baseball hear from us - loud and clear. Send Commissioner Selig a strong and encouraging message to keep our national pastime community- and family-friendly. And please forward this message to anyone you think will help us let Major League owners know we care.


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