Thursday, July 20, 2006

Our new national pastime?

Say it ain’t so, Bud Selig. You’ve actually given your seal of approval to John Malone buying the Atlanta Braves? If John Malone gets the Braves, who gets the next team up for sale—Larry Flynt?

We say that because Denver billionaire John Malone is the king of white-collar pornographers. Malone has basically done for pornography in America what Ray Crock did for the hamburger. Crock may not have invented the burger, but his McDonald’s juggernaut sure got people eating one heck of a lot more of ’em. Same with Malone. Between the Internet and John Malone cable TV systems, pornography has become standard fare in millions of American homes.

Years ago, Malone was the leader in introducing sexually explicit content to scores of communities across America when he ran the largest residential cable TV system in the country, TCI. Today he’s delivering it to a million hotel rooms nationwide through a company called On Command, which is owned by his Liberty Media, the prospective new owner of the Braves.

We’re glad that some of this information is starting to come out, thanks to some God-fearing people who refuse to bow the knee to Baal when it’s becoming increasingly inconvenient not to. We’ll do our part here, too, with more info as time goes on. The other 29 Major League Baseball team owners must approve this deal, possibly as early as their regular quarterly meeting Aug. 8-10.

A word to John Malone: You can run, but you can’t hide. Be assured that your sin will find you out. In the day of judgment, your billions aren’t going to be worth squat. We just got a look at some of your video titles. You’re not going to claim that “She Likes It BIG” is about picking out diamonds, are you?

It’s still not too late to repent.

And, Mr. Selig, please don't let pornography become our new national pastime.


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