Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Collateral damage

It’s just a coincidence, of course, but one of the casualties of the new Middle East war may be WorldPride 2006, a week-long international celebration of alternative sexualities planned for Jerusalem, beginning Aug. 6.

Not that they’re ready yet to throw in the towel. “Jerusalem is a calm spot,” the organizers soothed in a news release yesterday. In other words, Hezbollah probably won’t be able to send any rockets or other exploding things that far. They don’t think. So, don’t cancel your airline tickets and hotel reservations just yet. Oh, no.

We’re sure it’s still going to be a hot time in the old town as thousands—yes, thousands—of proud lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender celebrants brave even death itself to keep their appointments and make this thing a success, whatever it is. Still, it was jarring to receive the original news release several months ago breezily announcing all these LGBT activities “in the Holy City.”

Do words mean anything to people anymore? Like “holy”? Say, WorldPride organizers—I’ve got an idea: How about rescheduling the event for Riyadh or Mecca or Medina? Nobody would dare attack those places.

Sorry to wax philosophical, but we were just wondering. It was the same kind of wonder a few months ago when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans—just days before Southern Decadence, a week-long homosexual affair in the Big Easy, complete with copious streams of alcohol and lots of anonymous public sex.

Of course, the event had to be canceled. But it was just a coincidence. Of course.


Blogger Christinewjc said...

World"pride" 2005 had to be cancelled last year because of the Gaza pullout. God didn't allow their decadence to tarnish the Holy City and apparently, He's not letting it happen this year, either.

Do you think that was just a coincidence too?

Is God trying to tell the homosexuals something...like end your prideful ways, confess and repent before it's too late?

Nah...they wouldn't believe it anyway. Just like "in the Days of Noah" and "in the Days of Lot."

Actually, Jesus said that the signs of the time of His return would be like the days of Noah and the days of Lot!

Is it just a coincidence?

Nah...just like the scoffers in Noah's day and in Sodom and Gomorrah...they think there ain't gonna be no judgment...

1:59 PM  
Blogger Roscoe Daley said...

Wow. I didn't know that this is the second time. Interesting. Yeah, must be a coincidence. :-)

8:59 PM  

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