Monday, July 10, 2006

Playing by the rules

Hugh Hewitt is a true Renaissance man: Law professor, book author, radio talk show host, marathon runner, hunter, traveler, remarkably well-connected political strategist and the guy who literally wrote the book on blogging. Plus, he’s dependably spot-on in his analysis of the major issues of the day—and a genuinely swell guy, to boot. We know him just a bit, and wish we had half his energy and aptitude.

(You feel a “but” coming on?) But nobody—not even Hugh Hewitt—bats 1.000, especially living that large with so many far-flung interests. So, there are going to be some inevitable oopses, like his blind spot regarding whacko lefty lawyer Erwin Chemerinsky, a frequent guest on his radio show. Or like his interview yesterday with Elizabeth Sullivan.

We’re driving home from work last evening and, tuning into Hugh’s show, hear a familiar voice from the past—Betsy Sullivan, international affairs columnist for The Plain Dealer in Cleveland. It seems she’s added her voice to the chorus in the mainstream mediocracy rising to the defense of The New York Times and denouncing the Bushies and those of us on the lunatic right who are obviously out to repeal the First Amendment and put reporters in gulags. What appealed to Hugh was that Betsy came from a “military” family and held those convictions despite her own personal attachments.

Well, we happen to know Betsy Sullivan and can attest that these “military” connections are a bit overstated. That’s about all we want to say about that—we actually like Betsy, despite her unfortunate politics. See how easy it is to get suckered? She’s a journalist, for crying out loud, and is supposed to be apolitical.

If that weren’t bad enough, she understated something else: When it comes to The New York Times, she’s not exactly an impartial source. Betsy Sullivan happens to be the daughter of Walter Sullivan, longtime science editor for The New York Times (retired). What a coincidence, huh?

So, did Betsy disclose that to Hugh? “No, and that would have been very interesting to know,” said Hugh after the show. Stay tuned for more. There could be a return engagement.

Moral-of-the-story question: When we will finally get it that the left doesn’t play by the same rules?


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