Friday, June 30, 2006


One of the advantages of being small, is the Roscoe flies below Blogger's PC radar. Still and all, we probably can't do this awfully often. But this is without doubt the greatest, most imminent evil we face:

Hamas: We will use Jewish skulls to build a bridge to Heaven (16.12.02)

The Hamas website ( published a banner Dec. 16, 2002, encouraging the murder of Jews as part of Jihad (Holy War). The banner depicts an eagle pecking at Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's severed head with the slogan: "We will use the skulls of Zion's sons (Jews) to build a bridge to Heaven."

The banner was signed in the name of the Iz A Din Al Kassam Brigades, which is the military wing of the Hamas terrorist organization.


Blogger Robin said...

Now that is sick! I'm sure that it will be on the front page of the WaPo in the AM. **snort**

Great Find Roscoe!!

6:37 PM  

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