Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rhymes with . . .

The first rule of editorial cartooning is that the successful caricature exaggerates some existing characteristic of the victim ... er ... subject. Like Reagan's pompidour or Bob Hope's nose or Bush's . . . ears? Well, the Atlanta Journal Constitution's Mike Luckovich never was one to play by the rules. Luckovich--which rhymes with a good caricature for him--routinely portrays George Bush as a retarded midget with Dumbo ears.

OK. Some people just have a reality all of their own. But now, the talking heads are saying, he's really crossed the line. Where have they been? Luckovich has lived there for years.

The left-wing mediocracy is so eye-watering tiresome, how about a little relief? How about, for example, this?


Blogger Robin said...

Roscoe - we have the same type of guy, Mark Streeter, that does the editorial cartoons in Savh. President Bush always looks like an elf with pointy ears. Lukovich's Thursday cartoon was disgusting and just so typical of today's editorial cartoonists. It's really sad.

6:56 PM  

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