Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This must be stopped

Canadians must be scratching their heads: We opposed the war in Iraq. What the heck?

Well, now they can thank God they have heads to scratch, most of them. It turns out that one of the 17 terrorists busted last weekend was plotting to murder Prime Minister Stephen Harper and “other leaders.” Early account here.

Which all goes to show that Islamo-terrorism has far less to do with the sins of its victims than with the sins—and demonic bloodlust—of its perpetrators. The Canadian affair is quite an unfolding story with major U.S. implications. See “Another Terrorist Attack Coming Soon?”.

Roscoe predicts: Before long the Cindy Sheehans, Jack Murthas and other monstrosities of the mainstream mediocracy are going to be so last week. Get ready for Global War on Terror Phase 2. We’ve just been living in the shallows so far, compared with what’s coming.

Why do we say that? Because characters like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are just the warm-up acts for the headliners. Want to know more? The Roscoe has been introducing the concept of the Islamic Mahdi = the End Times Antichrist. What we’re leading up to is a new book by a friend of ours, Ralph Stice—From 9/11 to 666.

Check it out. Roscoe just got his hands on a copy himself. Let’s say we anticipate considerable further discussion—and there will be a quiz.


Blogger Karl Huttenbauer said...

Note "Three Genocidal Covenants" by HUTTENBAUER wwwki.blogspot.com

6:52 AM  
Blogger John Pitbull said...

Thanks for bringing Stice's book to readers attention.

7:00 AM  

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