Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weak-End Review


Isn't that ("clarification") what they say in the mainstream mediocracy, MJ, when they don't want to admit they got something wrong? OK, the Roscoe is not sure he got this wrong, but he's been advised that the jury is still out as to whether Inayat Bunglawala is the actual culprit in the Reuters "death threat" against Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs. (See Thursday's post, "Now try this.") It could have been some other Islamniac using his IP address. Bunglawala is just the one suspended while Reuters "investigates."

Oh, and this MJ character (who should have his cursor cleaned out with soap) also wants us to know it wasn't technically a "death threat," but a death "wish." Apparently in his circles it's OK simply to express wishes for Zionist/Crusader pigs' throats to be slit, as long as you're not the one actually doing it. Well, now, what do you suppose would happen if we all started expressing wishes for Muslims or Islamniacs to meet some form of violent death?

Hah!!! Three guesses, and the first 25,000 don’t count.

But while we're clarifying things, MJ's comment was deleted because of some of the language employed. We would highly recommend a book such as Thirty Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary, MJ, so that your comments can actually be published in the future. Such language won't appear here. And BTW, don't anyone bother trying to figure out who this brave MJ is—just call him "profile not available." (But it's from the UK. . .)

Sleeper news item of the weak

One item easily overlooked this week was the "discovery" of Europe's oldest book, a scroll that supposedly sheds light on the evolution of monotheism from polytheism. Read about it here. One little problem: It didn't happen that way.

This insidious idea—modern monotheism evolving from primitive polytheism—was heavily promoted by Sigmund Freud, but it was not original with him. Rather, it was the brainchild of Englishman Edward B. Tylor, who authored a very influential two-volume work on this theory in 1871. This rather specious work indirectly influenced Marx and Lenin in their war against religion and is still accepted as Gospel in most secular American universities today. Which is yet another reason to send our kids to Christian schools. . .

Tylorism, however, remains to this day a theory in search of evidence. For real facts, one would have to go far outside the hallowed halls of the Ivy League and ask honest (read "politically incorrect") cultural anthropologists and Christian missionaries. What you would find is what Don Richardson wrote about in what we consider one of the most significant works in modern Christendom, Eternity in Their Hearts, Regal Books, 1981.

In this classic you will find in culture after culture the real truth is the exact opposite of Tylorism. In fact, pagan polytheism almost universally appears to have been a later corruption of a primeval belief in a single Creator God, often with a Son and sometimes with a holy book that either was lost or prophesied to be brought from far across the water by a foreign people.

If you have not read Eternity in their Hearts, your life is the poorer for it. It's a standard in many church libraries. Or look for it used at, which is where the Roscoe shops for many of his books.


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Roscoe - it must be the week for unbalanced trolls. They are all over the place changing their posting names but forgetting about the IP addresses with haloscan. I hate deleting posts but the language is certainly not "blogger family" friendly.

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