Friday, May 19, 2006


A lot of stuff happened this week, but the really big news, according to us, was today. That's when word got out about the End of the World. (See, if you paid closer attention, you'd already know about these things.) It's what we call in the news business a fairly significant development.

This is according to Israeli intelligence reported in the daily paper Ha’aretz and then in Weak-End Review’s favorite source, Regime Change Iran. It seems Iranian President Mahmoud "Mojo" Ahmadinejad has been overheard promising the "end of history in two or three years." Guess he should know. He's got a starring role.

Reader Input Department

Hey, now that we're done answering the Ahmadinejad letter (all week), we're going to put it all together and actually try to get it to the boy. Any ideas how to deliver it? Anybody got any, oh, ICBMs?

Also, would there be any interest in seeing a list of the 100 Worst Journalists in America? We've been making the list for a while, and we're now up to 80-something. When we hit 100, we'll shop it around for a book contract. Would you like to see it? You might have an idea for no. 84. We'd like to see that.

End of Reader Input Department

Meanwhile, in other Weak-End Review news, we have a couple of good dog-biters. (As in man-bites-dog.) This time it's justice actually being done for a change:

o Moonbat prof gets his—University of Colorado's America-hating, trash-talking, Indian-impersonating history professor, Ward Churchill, was found guilty by an academic review committee of a zillion counts of plagiarism, misrepresentations and bad hair. It do appear the boy be headin' for some kind of separation, if you know what we mean. We say it couldn't happen to a nicer fake Indian.

o Zacarias who?—Yeah, I guess we're going to savor this for a little while. Zacarias Moussaoui began his long, long solitary stretch at Colorado's Super Max pen. That's the place where every day seems like a year and minutes seem like hours because it's just you and the four walls forever and ever, amen. It won't be long before people say "Zacarias who?" And all the while, Z-boy has nothing to do but ask himself over and over, "What in the world was I thinking?" Except for the $75,000-a-year cost to taxpayers, it's not a bad runner-up to lethal injection.


Blogger Christinewjc said...


Send those Mojo letters! They are filled with so much (embarrassing) truth about the Iranian madman; while at the same time they are a real hoot!

Suggestions on how to send? Hmmm...Just the tyrant's name, town and country of Iran should do it... If I were sending it, it might be difficult for me to not include a photo of him with horns sticking out of the top of his crazed head!

Worst journalists? You probably have most of the ones that I might think of already on your list. Last night, I called U.S. News and World Report to scream at them for whichever liberal left loony put that disparaging "half-photo" of President Bush on the cover this week. The photo was by "Jeffrey" (probably too scared to include his full name?) and the author of the stupid-ass article is David (gurgling) Gergen. He on your list? Add him!

I told the lady who answered the phone that President Bush is STILL OUR PRESIDENT and deserves respect despite the looney liberals who don't think that's necessary. I said, "Your news magazine would never have put such a despicable picture of Clinton on the cover...despite the fact that he used the Oval Office as an oral sex office so that a stupid intern could suck his...d_ _ _ instead of paying closer attention to Osama bin Laden...
She said she didn't want to hear that. TOUGH! SHE HEARD IT! And it's SO TRUE!

I truly believe that History will one day show how so much of the failures in Clinton's presidency...especially in foreign policy... and his inability to act to capture or kill Bin Laden led up to the successful attack upon on country on 9/11! No matter how the licentious, liberal left idiots want to spin the necessity of the war in Iraq, it is their ilk and mindset of complacency that allowed us to be attacked in the first place; and their disgusting anti-war antics are hurting our troops and causing unnecessary division in the U.S. They should ALL move to Canada! It would be such a relief!! rant is over for now!

9:14 AM  

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