Thursday, May 18, 2006

Letter to Mojo: Part 5

So, there you have it, Mr. Ahmadinejad. Don't judge the credulity and naivete of Americans on the basis of the news media in this country. We are not as stupid as our media would lead you to believe. In fact, we recognize your letter to Mr. Bush for what it is—a formal last chance to repent and turn to Allah or face the consequences as infidels.

You knew that wouldn't happen, but in your twisted way it allows you to posture as the great Islamic leader speaking truth to power. If you only knew how nutty and rabid it makes you appear, you would be embarrassed—assuming you have any sense of shame.

Your situation is like the classic criminal mind of the evil schemer who inevitably gets caught because he deludes himself into thinking he's smarter than everybody else and makes fatal mistakes because of his over-confidence. That is, in fact, your very situation. You are playing with fire, Mr. Ahmadinejad, in your threats and hectoring of America. Make one mistake, sir, and you are so dead.

And when you die, sir, don't expect 72 virgins. That, too, is a lie. Seventy-two demons, maybe. You will be going to the place where the fire is never quenched and the worm never dies and where there is great weeping and gnashing of teeth. I would not rejoice over anyone going there—not even you.

But now I play turnabout and offer you one last chance, sir. The vilest offender anywhere may cry out to the Savior, Jesus Christ, and be saved from God's wrath. Admit your hateful sins, Mr. Ahmadinejad, repent and ask Christ to take over your life. Renounce these demonic forces that control you, and you will be free. Receive Christ and have eternal life.

That, in turn, is my invitation to you, knowing you are unlikely to accept it. You are right to think that "Christian" America is a moral mess. You are not correct, however, to think America is Christian. Our moral mess is due to our lack of spirituality, not because of it. Those of us who really are Christians are as distraught over that failure as you profess to be. But while we work to restore righteousness to our nation, don't let this failure blind you to the truth of Christ.

Your eternal life depends on it. "No one comes to [God] except through me," says Jesus. That includes you, Mr. President.


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