Sunday, May 21, 2006

Prison stripes for the Mainstream Mediocracy?

It's just inevitable if members of the elite enemedia are hellbent to find out where the line is between national security and the First Amendment. Now U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is finally acknowledging there is a line and that prosecutions may not be out of the question. Read all about it here.

Roscoe says: About time Al, baby. There may still be some cattle left in the barn.

You know, for a lot of this stuff we really don't need more laws; we just need to enforce the ones that are already on the books. I'm thinking pornography, broadcast indecency, immigration, national security and espionage. If the James Risens and Dana Priests and Seymour Hirsches of the world and their employers are going to insist on pushing until they find where the pushback point is, let's show them.

Or let's hear the reasons why the aforementioned should not be prosecuted for the damage they've already caused. Not only that, they and their ilk are only helping to perpetuate a very dangerous, pre-9/11 denial syndrome in America. The fact needs to be faced that we are, in fact, at war.


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