Monday, June 19, 2006

Al-Chemerinsky: Bush, traditional marriage ‘un-American’

Sometimes the best testimony against a person or organization is his own words. In the case of Hugh Hewitt crony, left-wing law professor Erwin Al-Chemerinsky and his smear outfit DefCon, there’s plenty to choose from. Al-Chemerinsky, for example, has been doing al Qaeda’s legal work in fighting the housing of terrorist detainees at Gitmo. More about that later.

For now, consider al-Chemerinsky’s position on traditional marriage—which some in his camp consider the very essence of homophobia. Here’s a statement, in their own words, from DefCon’s Web site:

Religious Right Driving Force Behind Bigoted Amendment

The Campaign to Defend the Constitution (DefCon) today condemned President Bush's call for the passage of a discriminatory constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, a clear ploy to pander to the religious right.

"Instead of encouraging debate on real issues, like the promising field of stem cell research, the President has once again caved to this extreme minority, hoping to rally support for a White House plagued by ever dropping approval ratings," said Jessica Smith, Director of the Campaign to Defend the Constitution.

"Our Constitution was designed to defend freedom not destroy it," said Duke University Law Professor and DefCon advisory board member Erwin Chemerinsky. "In 219 years the Constitution has been amended a mere 27 times and only once as the result of a social attitude – prohibition – which was later regarded as a huge mistake. In the case of limiting the freedom of gay and lesbian Americans, an amendment would not only be a huge mistake, it would be un-American."

To read more, smear Vick’s Vapo-Rub under your nostrils and go here.

Then send an e-mail to Hugh Hewitt at and ask him why in the world he’s supporting this insanity.


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