Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Radical Islam = mental disorder?

Just to show that their Muslims can be as dead-bang nuts as our Muslims, get a load of this item from the UK:

YOUNG Welsh Muslims have accused the Government of master-minding this week's plot to blow up transatlantic jets mid-air to justify Tony Blair's war on terror.

Some followers of Islam have claimed the arrest of more than 20 people on suspicion of scheming to kill thousands of passengers traveling to America using liquid explosives is designed to bolster the Prime Minister's flagging credibility over the Iraq and Lebanon-Israel crises.

Sound familiar? Just substitute the name “Bush” for “Blair,” and it’s pretty much interchangeable psychoses. Bush Derangement Syndrome looks pretty much the same as Blair Delusional Disorder. And by the looks of some of the lefty blogs, there’s no lack of non-Muslims who’ve been catching the bug, too.

One of these days we’re going to put together a list of all the delusional Islamniac beliefs we can collect just for their entertainment value. And then maybe we can find somebody in the American Psychological Association to get this whole fever swamp thing declared an official mental disorder. Problem is, we think many of them have caught the bug, too.


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