Monday, August 07, 2006

Ask Roscoe: The End Times

Dear Roscoe:

Are we entering the End Times described in the Bible? If so, how do you see events unfolding? How much time do we have left?

Gary D.

Dear Gary:

Yes, I do. And, for the record, I’ve never been an end-of-the-world fanatic. I am a recent covert to this view, because of events of the past several years, starting with 9/11.

I now believe, for a variety of reasons, that radical Islam is the evil system of the Beast of Revelation that will dominate the world in the last days. I believe that the Mahdi—the eagerly awaited imperialist Muslim Messiah—is a dead ringer for the Antichrist who will run this final world system. Once you make this connection, virtually everything else falls into place. And just the fact that we can now recognize this picture is itself a sign of the end.

Only a few more pieces are needed to complete the picture. One is the fall of the Saudi royal family—and control of the holy places of Mecca and Medina—to radical Islamic control. Another is Israel’s loss of America as its stalwart ally, in line with the Ezekiel 38 account of the Jewish nation facing Gog’s attack all alone. I believe the current hostilities are setting the stage for this horrendous battle in the next two to three years.

It’s not hard to see how this scenario comes to pass: Overcome with Iraq-fatigue, the American people elect a peace President (probably a Democrat) in 2008 who withdraws the troops from Iraq and gets us totally disengaged from the Middle East—including alliance with Israel.

That’s the same time frame articulated by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad—two to three years before the end. Except I believe it will take a few more years to set up the Mahdi’s imperialist rule. First, Europe will fall. With its birthrate in free fall and Muslim immigration reshaping virtually every nation, Eurabia is almost a reality now.

Last will come the defeat that pains me the most to consider: The fall of the United States to radical Islam. It may be inevitable. More about that next time.



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