Thursday, July 27, 2006

Take no prisoners

When it comes to the scourge of Hezbollah, anything short of total, decisive and permanent defeat is unacceptable. We say that because these vermin are way, way beyond redemption. They are possessed of strong delusion and blood lust, for which there is no cure but the sword and the gun.

Perhaps if that happens, their puppet masters in Tehran will think again about their evil designs. One can always hope. If you think this kind of talk a bit strong, check this out from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI):

Mohsen Rezai, Iranian Expediency Council Secretary and Former Commander of Iran Revolutionary Guards: If Hizbullah's Patience Runs Out There Will Be Chaos in Tel Aviv; Ms. Rice Should Be Tried as First Female War Criminal; The Legal
Experts of the Islamic World Should Prepare Some Kind of Legal Action Against

In this extraordinary interview, Mr. Rezai tells his audience that they will never accept NATO’s presence in southern Lebanon as a peacekeeping force because NATO is an occupational force that serves as a tool of Israel and the United States. Guess he must have missed that whole thing in Bosnia and Kosovo, when NATO and UN forces worked together to defend the Muslim population against the depredations of Slobodan Milosevich’s Christian Serbs.

No, he didn’t miss it or forget. Truth and facts just don’t mean the same thing to them. In radical Islam, lying to your enemy is a virtue, according to Muhammad and the Quran. We need to get over our tendency to apply the Western model and try to negotiate with these people. To them, that’s a sign of weakness to be exploited and used against us. The only time we should believe them is when they’re talking to each other, not to us.

We encourage you to read this interview to get the full flavor of this deceit. You’ll find claims—who know whether they’re fact or sheer bravado?—that if Israel persists in its military operations, Hezbollah will play its trump card, i.e., missiles that can reach far beyond Haifa to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

That’s just another reason why we say if Israel gets them on the ropes, they need to finish the job—for once and for good.


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