Monday, July 31, 2006

Mad dogs and Hezbollah

You may have heard speculation, as did we, that Hezbollah itself may have blown up that building in Qana to try to smear the Israelis in the eyes of the world with the canard of “slaughter.” We doubt that. More likely: Arms caches stored on the premises that exploded, greatly aiding in the collapse of the structure. Hey, it wouldn’t have happened if the Israelis hadn’t fired back. Right?

Either way, it’s more than a little disturbing. It’s the criminal mentality en masse.

At the risk of becoming a bit callous ourselves, we can’t help but agree with the Israelis that to the extent they know what they’re doing, the civilian sympathizers of Hezbollah—who have given them unlimited aid and comfort in their barrios—have willingly erased the line between themselves and the savages.

Or as our Israeli cartoonist friend, Yaakov Kirschen at the Dry Bones blog, expressed it:

Speaking of editorial cartoons, thanks to everyone to who voted for William Warren to replace the vacationing Red Mike Luckovich at the Atlanta Journal Constitution. We’re sure it’s no coincidence that William has moved into first place! Let’s keep him there. We voted for him again, and so can you. The rules are no more than once an hour. We can surely do it once a day and support an emerging new, conservative talent in a vast wasteland of liberal journalism.


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