Friday, August 25, 2006

ROSCOE’S Weak-End Review

We wuz right

One part of the recent Mike Wallace 60 Minutes interview with Iranian Wackjob Mahmoud “Mojo” Ahmadinejad that hasn’t gotten much attention was its tacit confirmation of the story we broke here in May about the real nature of Mojo’s notorious 18-page rambling letter to President Bush.

Regime Change Iran has posted a Richard Poole article (originally appearing in, which reports:

Another part of his divine mission is confronting infidel world leaders and inviting them to accept Islam – a necessary step in Islamic warfare before attacking an opponent. In May, Ahmadinejad sent President Bush an 18-page letter calling for a change in the Bush Administration’s foreign polices and challenging him to embrace Islam. A similar letter was sent to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Robert Spencer of JihadWatch [and Roscoe Daley, both on 5/9/06] immediately recognized Ahmadinejad’s letter as a call to accept Islam – an opinion that Ahmadinejad later confirmed – that contextualized his respective letters as a pretext for future military confrontation and escalation.

Referring to his letter in his 60 Minutes interview, Ahmadinejad made it clear that rejection of his personal invitation to Islam would invite personal destruction for President Bush:

Please give him this message, sir. Those who refuse to accept an invitation to good will not have a good ending or fate.

So, in this twisted reasoning, President Bush has condemned himself by rejecting Allah (pbj) and his prophet (blt). “Hey,” Mojo is essentially saying, “don’t say we didn’t warn you if more heads start to roll.” Literally.

Holocaust yuks

Speaking of twisted, the Holocaust cartoon contest in Tehran also hasn’t received much attention from our mainstream mediocracy. Maybe these editors have at least some shame: Having danced all around the Muhammad cartoon issue with all sorts of semantic gymnastics to explain away their pusillanimous dhimmi cop-outs, the last thing they’re going to do is throw gasoline on the fire by publicizing the Muslim anti-Semitic response.

But, of course, we have no such moral conflict at the Report. We posted one of the Muhammad cartoons at the time. So, here’s one of the clever Muslim cartoons:

Meanwhile, according to GOP Vixen, six American cartoonists covered themselves with glory by participating in this Holocaust yuk-fest. Gee, we wonder of what political persuasion these artists might be. Here’s one of them, from an American named Mike Fluggenock:

Guess they’re not all Holocaust-related. Anything anti-Israel or anti-Semitic apparently will do. Personally, we lean more toward the work of Yaakov Kirschen at the DryBonesBlog. (Yeah, he’s an Israeli.) So, we’ll end on a more positive note with this one from Yaakov:


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