Monday, September 18, 2006

‘Pope must die’

Memo to the Vatican Swiss Guard:

Anybody know where Mehmet Ali Agca is right now?

If not, this might be a good time to find out. Agca, of course, is the Turk who plugged Pope John Paul II with four shots in his famous 1981 assassination attempt. That particular incident probably had more to do with the KGB and the Cold War than with Islam. But it is a little troubling that the Turks let Agca free on parole earlier this year. The only thing we know for sure is he's probably not working for Opus Dei or the Calcutta Missionaries of Charity.

On the other hand, Agca’s not the only guy willing to take a shot at a pontiff, either. Especially these days. After Benedict XVI outed himself as a vicious Islamo-phobe, he’s now a marked man. As well he should be. How dare he insult the Religion of Peace that way?

Well, the punk-pontiff has outsmarted himself this time. He probably didn’t realize just who he was dealing with. Take Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, for example. The ol' ayatollah wasn’t fooled by any of this. He figured out—all by himself, apparently—that the whole controversy was just another U.S. plot. According to the Associated Press, “He argued that while the pope may have been deceived into making his remarks, the words give the West an ‘excuse for suppressing Muslims’ by depicting them as terrorists.”

Hah! Muslim “terrorists”? Have you ever heard anything so absurd? Americans are so gullible.

It’s all so regrettable, but can anyone blame them? Islam has been insulted. So, of course, al Qaeda must declare war on “worshipers of the cross” and the pope should be “subject to capital punishment.”

Muhammad himself predicted in the hadith (not the Quran, but the “teachings”) that in the last days Islam would take Romiyya (Rome)—but by force of teaching and moral suasion rather than armed conflict. In the words of Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi: “Allah willing, Islam will return to Europe and the Europeans will convert to Islam.” And, sure enough, Italy and much of Western Europe are rapidly becoming Eurabia with their declining birth rate and rapid growth of Islam within its borders.

Check out the ancient prophecy here.


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