Friday, October 13, 2006

Sorry for the interruption in service. Refunds gladly provided. But we do have an excuse: Our post-op recovery took a sudden reversal on Wednesday, when the Roscoe was discovered to have a blood clot. That explained why the legs were aching like a bad tooth. But it also meant implementing an exciting therapy with blood thinners.

Exciting? Well, it’s sort of like this: Imagine taking a needle and injecting 80 milligrams of, oh, battery acid and cayenne pepper into your belly. Twice a day. Ooo-wee, baby. Ooo-wee.

Robbery an option?

OK, we’re willing to consider that our current outlook might be a tad jaundiced. Because normally we disapprove of such misbehavior as bank robbery. But today we find ourselves totally sympathizing with Timothy J. Bowers of Columbus, Ohio.

It seems Mr. Bowers, in despair over ever finding another job at the age of 63, stuck up a bank in hopes of obtaining three squares and a warm place to sleep at state expense until he qualifies for full Social Security benefits in three years. The judge accommodated him. There was no mention of a gun. In fact, the take was four $20 bills, which Mr. Bowers immediately handed to a guard as he surrendered. The Cincinnati Enquirer has the full story.

The prosecutor, Dan Cable, pretty much said it all: “It’s not the financial plan I would choose, but it’s a financial plan.”

Reality check: Is the Roscoe losing perspective here? Or does this hit you the way it does us? That is, we totally relate. Are we going the way of Europe, where people are forced into early retirement because employers are afraid to hire them? (When nanny state regs make it unlawful to discharge employees above a certain age, you can understand the reluctance to hire them in the first place.)

Having been on the job market in our 50s, we think we know whereof Mr. Bowers speaks. The hard reality that few are willing to acknowledge: Nobody wants you.


Blogger Stacy L. Harp said...

Stick 'em up! :) Well, this isn't really a funny matter, it is interesting what some people will do and succeed. I wonder what this guy used to do....


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