Thursday, March 22, 2007

ROSCOE’S Mid-Weak Review

News Updates

o About that virtual endorsement of the movie 300 last week: We did like the idea of a movie that makes Iranian mullah heads explode, but apparently it’s not that good for civilized folks, either. Geysers of blood, slow-motion decapitations—more desensitization of Hollywood’s victims and more coarsening of our culture. Roscoe’s picks: Go see Amazing Grace or The Ultimate Gift instead. These movies need our support.

o About that supposed Russian ultimatum to Iran to stop uranium enrichment and pay its bills: Russia says it never happened. "It is inaccurate information, we have not presented Iran any ultimatum," Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin categorically asserted when questioned by the press. Guess it’s the Russkies’ word against The New York Times. Hmm…that’s a toughie: Which is the bigger liar? Read more.

o You probably heard about the terrorists in Iraq who got their vehicle through a checkpoint with two kids in the back—and then blew it up, with the kids. Par for the course, maybe. But did you hear about the Indonesian Muslim militants getting 14 to 20 years for beheading some school girls in Sulawesi? They would have received harsher sentences, but these girls were Christians. Read more.


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