Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hang 'em high

Saddam Hussein: To be hanged by the neck until dead.

And so, now the Left is saying the court verdict against the former Iraqi dictator is a Bush-Rove conspiracy to influence the election? What hypocrisy. And the people who put out such lunacy want us to trust them with national security?

Meanwhile, they're the very ones hatching dirty-trick surprises of their own in named attempts to influence the same election:

o The Mark Foley congressional page scandal--known for many moons, but revealed in October to cause maximum damage to Republicans.

o The State of Denial book by Carl Woodward, whose pubication was timed to cause maximumn damage.

o The Temptating Faith book by David Kuo, in which the author advocates Christians "fasting" from politics this election season. When Laura Ingraham charged him with timing the publication to dampen the evangelical vote, Kuo admitted on the air that the book had originally been schedule for publication in January, but his publisher moved it up to October for "timeliness."

o And now the gay sex-amphetamine scandal of evangelical leader Ted Haggard. Again, this story has been in the works for months, but the Denver media and gay prostitute Mike Jones timed its release to cause maximum damage. Jones admitted as much in news interviews, saying he wanted to expose this hypocrisy as Colorado voters were going to the polls to vote on gay marriage.

Hypocrisy? Compared with these rascals, Christians, conservatives and Republicans are rank amateurs. We're willing to predict a backlash at the polls over this garbage. Just one more example that evil always over-reaches.