Sunday, October 22, 2006

ROSCOE'S Weak-End Review

Get along home, Cindy, Cindy

She doesn’t make the cut for the top 10, but Denver Post columnist Cindy Rodriguez is on our list of the 100 Worst Journalists in America. She’s consistently wrong-headed, mean-spirited and hopelessly knee-jerk PC, even for our run-of-the-mill mainstream mediocracy. Now she’s ripping conservative “values voters”—the ones who’ve elected conservative Republicans to Congress and the White House—as stupid, ignorant “sheeple,” easily led by evil men like Dr. James Dobson and Karl Rove.

Our friend Pete Winn, one of the smartest fellows we know—and a conservative Christian—has nailed her on it. In her recent column Rodriguez included in her lengthy indictment: "Carrie Gordon Earll, a policy analyst with FOTF [Dobson's Focus on the Family], said during a televised debate last week that if gay people are given the right to marry, polygamists will be next." Cindy apparently assumes her readers will agree this is preposterous.

Winn’s response:

Do you not read your own newspaper, Cindy? It was reported nationwide that the American Civil Liberties Union — which has provided the primary legal efforts behind the same-sex marriage crusade — recently weighed in on the side of polygamists in a Utah case.

Ask them. They seem to be proud of it. In their own news release they said the following:

"Living arrangements are really the most intimate kinds of decisions people make," said ACLU of Utah Legal Director Stephen Clark. "Talking to Utah's polygamists is like talking to gays and lesbians who really want the right to live their lives, and not live in fear because of whom they love. So certainly that kind of privacy expectation is something the ACLU is committed to protecting."

Moreover, in the recent ACLU members meeting in Washington, D.C., President Nadine Strossen committed the group to championing polygamy rights.

Actually, we didn’t know that about the ACLU, but it’s no big surprise. And that’s just one example. The whole piece is definitely worth a read. In fact, subscribing to the CitizenLink electronic newsletter is a good move for daily one-stop shopping for values voter news and information.

Meanwhile, we’ll think about posting our list of the Worst Journalists in America. We’re not quite up to 100, but maybe you could help us go over the top with some suggestions of your own. There are lots of Cindys out there. Unfortunately.


Blogger Christinewjc said...

Hi Roscoe,

I'm sure I could come up with a few worst journalists! # 1 is Keith Olbermann!

On an unrelated subject:

My daughter will be appearing in a commercial for a mall advertisement which, supposedly, will only be shown in Ohio! It's being filmed today. Sometimes it takes 6 mos. to a year for commercials to air, but if you ever happen to see it, let me know! K?

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Hi just taking a random walk through the blog rose garden when i bumped in to yours and i just had to say great blog. okay back to looking for an agent for my book have fun.

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