Monday, October 23, 2006

America's worst journalists

As promised, here is the fist draft of America’s 100 Worst Journalists. It also falls a bit shy of 100. So, we’re counting on you to come up with some nominees we’ve missed. There’s special potential for No. 34—Obscure Locals. Like it sounds, these would be journalists largely unknown outside their own markets who have had ethical lapses that would have made the news had they not been journalists (or had they, of course, been conservatives).

The amazing thing is how quickly you get into high double digits without much strain. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel. . .

1. David Gregory—the mouth

2. Marv Albert—kinky

3. Dan Rather—forgery

4. Katie Couric—Ms. Bias

5. James Risen—NYT national security buster

6. Bryant Gumbel—jerk

7. Charles Kuralt—double life

8. Walter Cronkite—granddaddy lib

9. Keith Olbermann—BDS purveyor

10. Connie Chung—deceit

11. Linda Deutsch—bias

12. Robert Scheer—lefty

13. Jayson Blair—plagiarism

14. Stephen Glass—plagiarism

15. Janet Cook—plagiarism

16. Seymour Hersh—fiction writing

17. H.L. Mencken—anti-Semite

18. Walter Duranty—NYT, “Stalin’s journalist” (Pulitzer Prize)

19. Eason Jordan—CNN covering for Saddam

20. Mike Wallace—wouldn’t help a soldier

21. Leslie Stahl—bias

22. Morley Safer—bias

23. Steve Croft & Don Hewitt (producer) —60 Minutes puff piece on Hillary & Bill

24. Peter Arnett—traitor

25. Chris Matthews— bias (tearing into Michelle Malkin, et al.)

26. Molly Ivins—BDS purveyor

27. Christiane Amanpour—limousine liberal

28. Anderson Cooper—unhhinged

29. Maureen Dowd—where do we start?

30. Margaret Carlson—flaky lefty

31. Nina Totenberg—vicious bias

32. Bill Maher—jerk

33. Daily Kos, et al. —lefty bloggers

34. Obscure locals—hometown reporter with liberal conflict of interest

35. Dana Milbank—national security threat

36. Adam Clymer—major you-know-what

37. Hunter Thompson—nutter

38. Gary Webb—anti-government conspiracy theorist (suicide)

39. Bob Woodward—fiction writer

40. Bill Moyers—bias

41. Linda Greenhouse—bias

42. Andrew Sullivan—class of his own

43. Helen Thomas—out of control

44. Howell Raines—liberal elitist

45. Arthur Sulzberger—liberal elitist

46. Katherine Graham—liberal elitist

47. Howard Stern—pottymouth

48. Don Imus—nutter

49. Mary Mapes—serial libeler

50. Clint Willis—Bush hater

51. Joe Conason—Bush hater

52. David Brock—gay former Spectator writer, went after Anita Hill

53. Margot Adler—NPR, practicing witch

54. Stone Phillips—nutter

55. Cokie Roberts—bias

56. Meredith Vieira—anti-war, from the View to Today, replacing Couric

57. E.J. Dionne—bias

58. Linda Wertheimer (NPR, wife of Common Cause Fred)

59. Ellen Goodman – Jill Carroll & bloggers

60. Eleanor Clift—BDS, bias

61. Andy Rooney—liberal curmudgeon

62. Jonathan Alter, Newsweek—cheap shot artist

63. Cindy Rodriguez (v. Bill O’Reilly) —cheap shot artist

64. Bill Keller (NYT) —indictable

65. Len Downie (WaPo) —bias

66. Dean Baquet (LAT) —bias

67. Stephen Kinzer—NYT left-wing foreign correspondent

68. Dana Priest—WaPo, national security threat (secret prisons overseas)

69. Mike Luckovich—BDS cartoonist

70. Ted Rahl—beneath contempt lefty cartoonist

71. Bilal Hussein—terrorist stringer photog for AP

72. Carl Bernstein—bias

73. Ariana Huffington—liberal elitist

74. Rick Bragg—drive-by journalism

75. Nik Cohn—fiction writing

76. Michael Finkel—fiction writing

77. A.J. Liebling—fiction writing

78. Jesse McKinley—on the take

79. Bernard Weinraub—plagiarism

80. Rosie O’Donnell—BDS, arrogance

81. Nina Burleigh—oral sex to Clinton for keeping abortion legal

82. Jim Axelrod—CBS, bias

83. Ellen Goodman—bias

84. Leslie Cauley—national security threat

85. Inayat Bunglawala— “Reuters death threat”

86. David Schlesigner—Reuters global managing editor, “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”

87. Eric Licthblau—with Jas. Risen


Blogger Christinewjc said...

Ha ha ha! The quips next to their names are a riot!

I was going to add "Andy Rooney" but I see that you have already done that. I'll think about it a bit more and see if I can come up with another one.

Thought of one! Barbara Ehrenreich

Here's why she deserves to be on the list!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Roscoe Daley said...

Thanks! Just the kind of thing I'm looking for.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Mary said...

Did you forget Bob Greene?

6:40 AM  

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