Monday, October 30, 2006

Air Force Academy case: Crime against truth

Any day Barry Lynn is vexed is a red-letter day in our book. Mr. Americans United for Separation of Church and State is currently bummed because one of his pet cases just got laughed out of federal court in Albuquerque. That was the ridiculous case of Mikey Weinstein against the Air Force Academy, its chaplains, its football coach and some of its brass, whose Christianity was way too public for Mr. Weinstein, a cadet dad.

Count Abe Foxman, commandant of the Anti-Defamation League, as similarly honked. He was another principal in the caper, as predictably drawn in as a gadfly to a barnyard. Add a grand dollop of media hype and—voila!—another manufactured scandal. And when a Focus on the Family publication had the audacity to expose some of these unseemly machinations, guess what Mr. Foxman called it?

Good golly, can you believe it? “Anti-semitism.” Yeah. Shocking. Shocking, I say. Actually, it was the same thing he said when the same publication exposed the extremism of 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Justice Stephen Reinhardt, who’s married to the head of the ACLU for southern California and who also happens to be Jewish. Yep, sounds like a racist conspiracy to us.

Or if you take the trouble to read “Architecture of a Smear,” you might find that the real victim here was the truth. The whole controversy was generated by an anti-war radical feminist Yale Divinity School professor whose report as a consultant was mysteriously leaked to the media, which then prompted Messrs. Lynn and Foxman to “investigate.”

It’s a commentary in itself that the very folks leading the charge to sandblast every vestige of God from every inch of the public square have themselves so little respect for the truth. You can read what the judge thought about their case here and here.

The only thing dampening our own jubilation is the knowledge that it won’t end here. Messrs. Lynn and Foxman will be back. And it seems Mr. Weinstein has been busy building his little hobby horse into an Eiffel Tower. As the Gazette reported, “ ‘We will refile our lawsuit as quickly as possible,’ Weinstein said in a prepared statement issued by his Military Religious Freedom Foundation.” [Emphasis added.]

“Military Religious Freedom Foundation.” Has such a nice ring to it, don’t you think? And so American—freedom from religion.


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