Friday, November 10, 2006

ROSCOE’S Weak-End Review

Al-Qaeda mystery solved

Remember you heard it here first: The Associated Press didn’t know quite what to make of the latest rabid al Qaeda hyperventilation threatening to blow up the White House. Or at least this part of it:

"We will not rest from our Jihad until we are under the olive trees of Rumieh
and we have blown up the filthiest house—which is called the White House,"
al-Muhajir said. It was not clear what Rumieh was referring to.

But we know exactly what to make of it. Phonetically, it might have sounded like “Rumieh,” but what they meant was “Romiyya”—or, as the civilized world knows it, Rome. This refers to an Islamniac belief, actually dating all the way to Muhammad. To quote from the book of a close friend of Roscoe:

Across the Middle East the Islamic world has been abuzz with a prophecy of
Muhammad that has received scant attention until recently. Based on the
interpretation of a well-known Hadith, a number of Muslim clerics have been
teaching the faithful to expect the imminent fall of Rome to Islam.

There is one little complication: Rome already has a religion. It’s
called Roman Catholicism. The clerics say this fall will not necessarily be by
the sword, but by “preaching and ideology.” The West, they say, is suffering
spiritually from materialism, and western Europeans are ripe for mass

A preacher in Sudan declared, “The Muslims conquered Constantinople,
where Eastern Christianity is situated, and in the future, a mighty king will
arise for the Muslims; through him, Islam will spread and Rome will be

Constantinople—today known as Istanbul—was conquered in the 15th
century by the Ottoman Turks, successors to the Islamic caliphs. Representing an
empire (the Byzantines and the Eastern Church), this was probably the biggest
plum ever snatched from the Christian West. Its fall had been predicted by
Muhammad in the same Hadith. Rome and Constantinople were really twin imperial
capitals—and the second shoe had yet to drop.

The Muslim clerics are absolutely certain that Rome will soon be
theirs. They see the signs, and they have the prophet’s words. Muhammad had said
the city of Heracles (Constantinople) would fall first, then Romiyya (Rome).
There is no question about it. It is written.

[From The Middle East Conflict, Alpha Books, 2003. For more on this Islamic prophecy, see the Middle East Media Research Institute]


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